On Thursday 16th the 399 Community Centre, also known as the Amigo Theatre and Community Centre was captured by several security forces. They took our building at 4 am as if it were a den or as if it were a place of criminals, or as if it were an anti-drug operation. They arrived with dogs, police and water drones and brutally sacked the people who take care of the building.

This is a historic building which used to be Tottenham British Legion. On Sunday 20th October the Amigo Month was closed in a special ceremony where this building was renamed as the Amigo Theatre and Community Centre. In that inauguration event we had the Statutory Deputy Mayor of London and Assembly Member for Haringey and Enfield Joanne McCartney, the Green Party’s national co-leader of Mayoral Candidate Sian Berry and the Lib Dem Mayoral candidate Siobhan Benita.    


This is the largest multi-ethnic community centre in Tottenham, where it can play an important role to prevent crime, drugs and more riots. We need to protect and preserve community spaces against people that only want to profit and make huge amounts of money.  

According to Lauren Ren, one of the Legal Trustees:

“The building is currently under attack by the previous trustees and the property developers who want to sell our community centre. This racist attack on the ethnic minorities who are using the trust property for worship and community activities has resulted in an illegal eviction. We have a court hearing on 28th January. There the theft and fraud they have inflicted on the trust for over 15 years will be exposed and the rightful trustees and beneficiaries of the trust will put them before the court… in the meanwhile we are preparing to submit an application tomorrow to remove the or illegal presence. The court system is always in favour of those with privilege so we are going to have a battle…”

The Seven Sisters’ Latin Village (Pueblito Paisa) is also going through a similar kind of gentrification and ethnic/social cleansing in the same area of ​​Tottenham. Developers are attacking ethnic minorities, especially Spanish and Portuguese speaking and Black peoples. For them to do business with all the homes of vulnerable people no matter how long they take or what they would have done.

This attack has made many people and community homeless, including 4 churches:

Ministerio Camino de Vida

The Redeemed Christian Church Of God

The Holy Qubtic Church

Poland Church London

Footsteps Academy

In addition to sharing the Word of God, these churches were helping the largest ethnic minorities in the most multi-ethnic district of the United Kingdom.

And most importantly working with Youth, Children and why not say it with the whole families.

The cultivation and rescue of lost values ​​means that this becomes a full transformation of their lives, which contributes to a growth in Unity, Love.

With this Racist attack, Xenofobo all they want to do is create a climate of imbalance in society and also want to stop the positive progress that is being obtained for the good of our families in Tottenham.


We request the support of all communities, London Mayor Sadiq Khan, Vice Mayor Joanne McCartney, Mayor of Haringey Sheila Peacock, of the Haringey Council, Local Deputy David Lammy.

The Rev. Benedicto Orellana of the «Camino de Vida Ministry» also Member of the «Amigo Theater and Community Center» and the Friend of the Month Committee, calls on the entire Latin American, Hispanic, Portuguese Community and all Londoners and all those who value the Truth and Justice to unite to defeat those who want to convert our Society through the Path of Fraud and Corruption, which they use as the only easier means of life regardless of corrupting anyone who comes forward in order to get their target at any price.


And finally I invite the community of London and especially the residents of Tottenham this Sunday, January 19 from 10:00 am at 399 High Road N17 6QN to the concentration of protest against the abuse committed against our churches and from our Amigo Community Theater in advance we appreciate your collaboration God Bless you.



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